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Antique Sterling Silver Tongs

Antique Sterling Silver Tongs

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Here is a set of antique or vintage STERLING SILVER handled tongs from Norway. 8.5 " Just beautiful. ⁠

*****This piece is part of the specially attained Philadelphia Main Line estate collection. These dramatic heirloom pieces are very high quality plated silver from the 1800's to early 1900's. These items are prized for their antique craftsmanship, uniqueness and history. Some pieces have some kind of tarnish that can use more polishing than I have given, some pieces can't be polished any further. If there is particular damage I have noted, I will mention it in the post. Please google Cynthia Findlay silver plate to get an idea of historical info and also to compare my prices which are a fraction of her retail prices.⁠

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