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Old Sheffield Plate Large Antique Bottle Holder

Old Sheffield Plate Large Antique Bottle Holder

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This bottle coaster is absolutely captivating! Every aspect of it is enticing, from the intricate wood insert that beautifully showcases the wood grain to the charming chased rope edging on the side. The coaster is in excellent antique condition and exhibits some characteristics of Old Sheffield Plate. With a width of 6 inches and an opening measuring 5 inches wide, it's a truly fabulous piece for any collection.

Info on Sheffield Plate
In 1743, Thomas Boulsover, a Sheffield cutler, accidentally discovered that silver could be fused onto copper while repairing a knife handle. This led to the creation of Sheffield Plate, a more affordable alternative to silver. Boulsover began producing buttons and other small items, but his business couldn't expand due to funding issues and bad sales agent recommendations. Other manufacturers in Sheffield saw the potential and started their activity around 1762-1765, with Josiah Hancock producing larger items like coffee pots and candlesticks. Different techniques, such as single-lapped, double-lapped, and silver lapped edge, were introduced from 1768 to 1815.

The craft of Sheffield Plate spread from Sheffield to Birmingham and the rest of England, with notable manufacturers including Matthew Boulton, Thomas Bradbury, Samuel Roberts, and Thomas Nicholson. This affordable alternative became immensely popular, allowing the middle class to own items resembling silver, which was previously limited to aristocrats. The popularity of Sheffield Plate continued until the invention of electro-plating in 1838, which eventually led to the decline of Old Sheffield plate production, though some pieces were still made for another 20 years.

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