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Exquisite Elkington & Co. English Double Handled Server from 1883

Exquisite Elkington & Co. English Double Handled Server from 1883

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Made in England in 1883, this is one of my top 3 favorite brands of silver and it is not often that I have a piece of it! When I acquired it, I knew it was special just by a glance, but when I turned it over and it was Elkington, it took my breath away! Can you believe that this piece has survived in this well of condition for almost 150 years?! 

The crystal glass insert sits in the silverplate base with four regal profiles gracing all sides. Two ornate handles adorn each side of the insert with four horse hoof feet standing along. The top has a little handle that fits in the crystal insert. The insert has little fluted sides and a star base. The detail on this is just incredible and I have never seen anything like it! 

The esteemed Elkington & Co. was one of the most prominent names in English silver and one of the foremost authorities in silver plate. The company's origins trace back to 1836 when they started as a group of skilled silversmiths in Birmingham, and soon after, they ventured into refining gilding techniques. In 1838, Elkington & Co. successfully discovered and patented a revolutionary electroplating method, revolutionizing the production of silver electroplated wares in 1840.

This is in excellent antique condition. Truly a collector's piece! 9" x 4.5"


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