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Black and Gold Antique Oyster Plate

Black and Gold Antique Oyster Plate

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Here is a stunning 6-well antique Oyster Plate, once graced the offerings of Tyndale and Mitchell Co of Philadelphia. This is possibly as Limoges creation from France, this piece carries a legacy of elegance. Hector Tyndale not only dealt in fine china but also left a mark in history as a notable abolitionist during the Civil War.

Adorned with intricate black and gold florals encircling the wells and retaining its original gold edging, this piece exudes timeless beauty. Its unique octagonal shape adds to its allure. Please note, this listing is specifically for the black oyster plate pictured to the on the left wall sconce, while others are available separately.

Excellent antique condition with a very small amount of gold loss to edging. 8" wide.

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