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Spectacular Find! Set of 6 Finger Bowls & Stands!

Spectacular Find! Set of 6 Finger Bowls & Stands!

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My mother always told the story of going to the grand dining room at the White Faced Inn, Lake Placid, NY, as a young child. My grandmother was so nervous, that her children were not dressed properly or might misbehave!  When they carefully sat at the table and were immediately surrounded by staff, my mother's youngest brother reached for the bowl of water, asked what it was and almost knocked it over!  "Those are finger bowls!" my grandmother whispered! "Do not touch them"  

How different it is today! We are lucky if there is Purell in the car to clean your fingers after eating fast food! Remember the finer times with this set of 6 silver plated finger bowls and plates.  Use them as fruit or dessert bowls instead if you wish!  Each bowl is deep with a scalloped edge, hammered design and hand chased edges, the plates for each are matching. Bowls are 5" wide and plates are 6.5" wide 

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