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Splendid Antique English Covered Serving Dish.

Splendid Antique English Covered Serving Dish.

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My jaw dropped when I saw this antique serving dish! It is just incredible! The detail and craftsmanship is really something to behold. The removable handle alone is a work of art with scrolls, acanthus leaves, roses and even a pinecone! The bowl and cover are scalloped and fluted, each with detailed roping designs which includes scallop shell accents and also follows the intricately scalloped edge design! The bottom of the dish reveals the cross hatched arrow symbol of Creswick.   

Creswick & Co, a silverware manufacturer from Sheffield, England, registered their 'crossed arrows' mark in 1811 for Old Sheffield Plate production. William Hutton acquired Creswick. & Sons in 1902, and continued using their 'crossed arrows' trademark.  This heavy, high quality piece was probably made in the early to  mid 1800's.  It bears some signs of the coveted "Old Sheffield Plate'. 12.5" x 9. It is in excellent antique condition with slight wear in base of bowl where the silver plate reveals some copper.  

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