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Pair of Specialty Antique Victorian Fish Knives

Pair of Specialty Antique Victorian Fish Knives

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In Victorian dining etiquette, using specialized utensils like fish knives demonstrated sophistication and adherence to formal dining conventions! Fish knives were designed specifically for the elegant and precise consumption of fish, which was often served as a delicacy during formal dining occasions in the Victorian era. These knives typically featured a slender, elongated blade with a pointed tip, which facilitated the delicate task of filleting or portioning fish with precision and ease. Additionally, the design of fish knives often included a slightly curved or serrated edge to aid in lifting and separating the flesh from the bones, ensuring a refined dining experience without marring the presentation of the dish. 

I love displaying my specialty knives on my dining room hutch. These would be perfect in a glass vessel so both the etched silverplate edge or the carved handle would both show. The ferrules are likely sterling and the handles are carved out of some type of natural material. There are some very slight cracks appearing in the handles but they do not affect the integrity of these knives. The one on the left is 8" long and the right is 9" long. Price is for both. Price is for both.


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