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Very Special Pair of “Old Sheffield Plate” Bottle Coasters

Very Special Pair of “Old Sheffield Plate” Bottle Coasters

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Here is a fabulous pair of bottle coasters made by the most famous name in antique silver, Elkington & Co. These bottle coasters show the signs of "Old Sheffield Plate" meaning they were made before the advent of electroplate.  The bottom of the coaster shows that the edge of the silver was turned under and left unfinished. The center of the beautifully turned wood insert has a silver center which covers up the center hole from the turning.  The center area was usually fully sterling silver so it could be monogrammed. These has some sort of crest etched into these circles.  These coasters must have been made at the end of the "Old Sheffield Plate" period and before 1840 when electroplating was invented. These are in wonderful antique condition and measure 7" across and 2" tall.. Beautiful quality and condition. A piece of history!

The esteemed Elkington & Co. was one of the most prominent names in English silver and one of the foremost authorities in silver plate. The company's origins trace back to the early 1800's when they started as a group of skilled silversmiths in Birmingham creating items with the recently discovered "Old Sheffield Plate". In 1840, Elkington & Co. successfully discovered and patented a revolutionary electroplating method, revolutionizing the production of silver electroplated wares. 

'Old Sheffield Plate', was an exquisite and rare craftsmanship.   This unparalleled process involved delicately layering a sheet of lustrous sterling silver over a core of copper, skillfully heating and meticulously rolling it into splendid sheets. These precious sheets were then transformed into an array of opulent table items, ranging from intricate hollow-ware and resplendent trays to elegant candelabras, candlesticks, wine coasters, and, on rare occasions, even exquisite cutlery.


Collectors hold this exceptional method of silver plating in the highest regard, acknowledging it’s craftsmanship and rarity. With the advent of electroplating, a groundbreaking innovation introduced by Elkington & Company in 1840, the production of 'Old Sheffield Plate' came to a halt, marking the end of an era defined by hand crafted ingenuity and unparalleled quality. Today, these pieces serve as cherished treasures, a testament to the unparalleled artistry and mastery that once graced the tables of the most discerning connoisseurs.



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